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SEO in Tonbridge

Expand your online reach and build a larger customer base in Tonbridge and beyond through Search Engine Optimisation. My organic SEO package provides you with on-page and off-page optimisation and many other rank building activities but not just tools that solely help with ranking and exposure in Tonbridge and further, I also include services that cover customer services and content creation.

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SEO in Kent
How long did it take to rank in Kent SEO

Why SEO?

Firstly, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and is one of the most important things you can do for your business.

Let me explain… In today’s world, if someone wants anything, they will pick up their phone and ‘Google’ it, be it a product, service or bit of information, then pick one of the results out of the first 3 or 4 options to click on.

What Search Engine Optimisation does is gets you higher on the results that people search for when they’re searching for your product or service, and it’s become my obsession to get my clients as high on that list as possible, getting them the much needed customers they need to grow their business.

However, SEO doesn’t gain instant results. It takes a few weeks to a month if not longer to see results. I don’t promise fast results, but I do promise I will work hard to establish good foundations that I consistently build on every month gaining momentum with ranking, exposure which drives customers to your business.

What SEO Services do I offer?

I offer an ongoing business relationship where I take on your SEO work with my expansive toolbox. 

Every SEO job is different – depending on current ranking, current social media presence, citations etc. I usually implement the following services over the first few months of working with you, and then monitor results as I execute further tasks to build momentum as you rise in the rankings.

Google + Bing Maps

Listing Creation + Optimisation

Google Business Posting

Weekly relevant posts

Google Business Q&A

Tracking + Replying

Google Search Console

Setup + Optimisation

Social Media Accounts

Setup + Optimisation

Technical Code


In-depth Keyword Research

Specific search trends for niche

On Page Audit

Website Audit + Optimisation

Competitor Analysis

Where you could be losing out

Citation Overview

Cleanup, Creation + Optimisation

700+ Directories

Your info on hundreds of local and national directories

Facebook Chatbot

Automated on your website

FB Chat Lead Assistant

On your website

Chatbot FAQ Monitoring

For FAQ Updates

Regular Reports

Crystal clear communication

Not sure what some/all of this is? Don’t worry, book a call with me and I can explain.

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Standard SEO

£ 500 Per month
  • All the services listed above
  • Ongoing relationship
  • Customisable packages available