What's oodle about?

Who is Oodle?

Oodle is run by me, Dan. My vision for Oodle is to grow local communities by strengthening local businesses through transforming and streamlining their online presence.

Who Am I?

I’ve lived my adult life working with, learning from, and adding value to people’s lives wherever I can.

I spent 5 years as a youth worker, which was challenging, rewarding, and most weeks I wanted to quit. But I learned a plethora of lessons about people, about empathy and about myself. 

I then spent 3 years in California studying at a ministry school, where I grew exponentially and discovered quite how much about life and the world there was I didn’t know.

I began this business in 2020, part time with social media marketing and web design alongside my studies. I’m currently working full time on Oodle and now providing SEO to my services.

So I continue this adventure of life, aiming to bring authenticity, consistency and trust to the business world, making it easier for local businesses owners to adapt and grow in this strange, ever-advancing, ever-changing world we live in.

And I really love tacos.

Why this business?

I’ve learned more from people than I have from any words or lectures I’ve listened to. And the people I’ve learned from most and been most impacted by are those that create a culture of community and family. I’ve experienced myself thriving in environments of trust, kindness, intentionality, vulnerability and authenticity. In fact, I’m most myself in those environments. Therefore I’ve made it my ambition create that kind of space for everyone I interact with, whether it was a teenager in my youth group, a client, a shopkeeper, or even a telemarketer (I try…).

I’m excited about following a dream of mine and seeing Oodle Design set a new benchmark for other businesses in trust, reliability, consistency and authenticity in the excellence of my work, in interactions with clients and in constantly improving my services.

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